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 clog dance
 cloisonné enamel - in the Pala d'Oro
 Clonard - foundation of monastery
 Clonfert - foundation of monastery
 cloning - development
 Clonmacnois - foundation of monastery
 Clontarf - battle in 1014
  - monster meeting of 1843
 Clore, Charles
 Clore Gallery - at the Tate
 close seasons (in Britain)
 Clotaire II
 cloth - earliest fragments
 cloth mills - the earliest
 Clotilda - Christian wife of Clovis
 Clouds - satirizing Socrates
 Clouds Hill - and T.E. Lawrence
 Cloudsley-Thompson, Anne - in World War II
 cloves - and the Moluccas
  - and the Holy Ampulla
 Club, The - Johnson and Reynolds
 clubs in London
 Cluny - foundation of monastery
 Clyde - and shipbuilding
  - brief description
 Clydesdale - carthorse
 Clyde Workers Committee - from 1915
 Clytemnestra - in the Oresteia
 Cnidian Venus - by Praxitiles
 coaches - in the 17th century
 Coade stone
 coal in Britain
  - deliveries in Glasgow
 coal in China - described by Marco Polo
 coal mines - in Scotland
  - nationalized in UK in 1947
 Coalbrookdale - and the Darby family
  - and Wilkinson's iron barge
  - and Coalport porcelain
 Coalition - the First, in 1793
  - the Second, in 1798-9
  - the Third, in 1805
 Coalport porcelain
 Coates, Eric
 coats of arms - origin
 cobalt - discovered by Brandt
 Cobb, John
 Cobb, The - Lyme Regis
 Cobbett, William - Political Register
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