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 chocolate - first use
  - in Britain
 Choctaw Indians - and Great Removal
 Choephoroi - tragedy by Aeschylus
 Chojiro family - and raku
 Chola - Indian kingdom
 cholera - history of the disease
  - and delayed burial
 Cholmondeley Walk - George Hilditch
 Chongqinq - headquarters of Chiang Kai-shek
 chopsticks - first use
 choros - Greek religious dance
  - and the circular Greek stage
 Choson - original name of Korea
  - and Yi dynasty
 Chrétien de Troyes - Arthurian romance
 Christ Church, Oxford - and first cannon
  - and Lewis Carroll
 Christian - in Pilgrim's Progress
 Christian II - of Denmark, Norway, Sweden
 Christian III - and Lutheranism
 Christian IV - and the Thirty Years' War
 Christian VII - king of Denmark
 Christian VIII - king of Denmark
 Christian IX - and Schleswig-Holstein
 Christian, Ewan - National Portrait Gallery
 Christian, Fletcher - mutineer on the Bounty
 Christian Aid (charity)
 Christian chronology - and Anno Domini
 Christianity - as a mystery cult
  - tour through time
  - in Britain
 Christian sacraments - and the Reformation
 Christiansborg - Danish fort on Gold Coast
 Christian Scientists
 Christian Union - of Catholic cantons in 1529
 Christie, Agatha
 Christie, John - Rillington Place
 Christie family - and Glyndebourne
 Christie Hospital - founded in Manchester
 Christie's (auction house)
 Christina, queen of Sweden
 Christ in Majesty - Byzantine image
 Christmas Day - origin
  - Charlemagne in 800
 Christmas (in Britain)
  - cake
  - cards
  - pudding
  - tree
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