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 baroque - meaning of the term
  - in Britain
 Barotse - also known as Lozi
 Barotseland - and Rhodes in 1890
 Barra (Scottish island)
 barrage balloon
 Barraud, Francis - His Master's Voice
 barrel of a gun - origin
 Barrett, Elizabeth - and Browning
 Barrie, James Matthew
 Barrier Treaties - and United Provinces
 Barrios, Justo Rufino - in Guatemala
 barrister - in English law
 Barry, Charles
  - brief biography
  - Cliveden
  - Houses of Parliament
  - Kingston Lacy
  - Manchester art gallery
  - Reform Club
  - Travellers's Club
 Barry, E.M. - Royal Opera House
 Barry, James - Royal Society of Arts
 Barsetshire (Trollope)
 Bartholdi, Frédéric - Statue of Liberty
 Bartholomew Fair - by Ben Jonson
  - brief account
 Barton Farm Tithe Barn - Bradford-on-Avon
 Bart's (hospital)
 Basel - Jews and the Black Death
  - peace of 1499
  - and Holbein and Erasmus
  - in the Reformation
  - treaty of 1795
 Basevi, George - Fitzwilliam Museum
 bashibazouks - and the atrocities of 1876
 Bashir, Hassan Ahmad al- - in Sudan
 basic English
 Basil - leader of Bogomils
 Basil Brush (glove puppet)
 Basildon - and Essex man
 basilica - Roman building, Christian church
 Baskerville, John
 basketry - origin
 baskets - early containers
 Basques - founding Navarre
  - at Roncesvalles
  - separatism in 19th century
 Basra - captured by British in 1914
 Bass (brewer)
 Bass, George - and Tasmania
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