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 bagpipes in Scotland
 Bagutti, Giovanni - Orleans House
  - and Columbus
  - settled in 1648
  - and Britain
 Bahia - as capital of Brazil
 Bahrain - and Britain
 Bahr el Ghazal - and French in 1896
 Baikie, William - and quinine
 Bailén - battle in 1808
 Bailey bridge
 Baily, Edward Hodges
  - Marble Arch
  - Nelson's Column
 Bairam Khan - and Akbar
 Baird, John Logie
  - and fibreoptic image technology
 Bairnsfather, Bruce - 'better 'ole'
 Baisunqur Mirza - and Persian painting
 baka - suicide missile in World War II
 Bakassi peninsula - disputed region
 Baker, Henry - Hymns Ancient and Modern
 Baker, Herbert - New Delhi
 Baker, Samuel - and the source of the Nile
  - and the khedive of Egypt
  - brief biography
 Baker Street (London)
  - Holmes and Watson
 baker's dozen
 Bakewell, Robert
  - and cattle
 Bakewell tart
 Bakongo - and Joseph Kasavubu
 bakufu - and the shoguns
 Bakunin, Mikhail - and the First International
 Balaguer, Joaquin - in Dominican Republic
 Balaclava helmet
 Balaklava - battle in 1854
  - as a turning point in history
 Balboa, Vasco Núñez de
 Balboa high school - and riots in 1964
 Balcon, Michael
 Baldacchino - in St Peter's
 Baldwin - Latin emperor in Constantinople
 Baldwin V - king of Jerusalem
 Baldwin, Stanley
  - brief biography
 Baldwin, Thomas - Pump Room, Bath
 Balearic islands - annexed by Vandals
  - and kingdom of Aragon
 Balet Comique de la Reine - in 1581
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