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 appeasement - in Britain in the 1930s
  - brief account
 appendectomy - the first
  - first in North America
  - in 20th century
  - mortality rate in 20th century
 appendicitis - of Edward VII
 Appenzell - Swiss canton
  - annual Landsgemeinde
 Appian Way - first Roman road
  - crucifixion of slaves
 Appius Claudius - and the Via Appia
 apple-pie order - A was an apple-pie
 Appleton, Edward
 Appomattox Court House - in 1865
 Apprentice Boys' March - Londonderry
 APRA - in Peru
 April Fool's Day
 April Theses - Lenin in 1917
 Apristas - members of APRA
 Apsley House - spoils of Vitoria
  - statue of Napoleon
  - brief description
 Apsu - in Mesopotamian creation story
 Aptidon, Hassan - president of Djibouti
 Aqaba - captured in 1917
 Al-Aqsa - mosque in Jerusalem
  - massacre of Muslims by crusaders
 Aquae Sulis - Bath
 aquatint - origins
 Aquaviva, Claudio - general of the Jesuits
 aqueduct - Pont du Gard
 Aquileia - mosaics of Jonah and the whale
  - and the invading Lombards
 Aquinas, Thomas - and scholasticism
 Aquitaine - and Henry II
  - and the Hundred Years' War
 Arab armies - battle technique in 7th century
 Arabi Pasha - Egyptian nationalist leader
  - tour through time
 Arabian camel - domestication
 Arabian Nights **
  - brief account
 Arabic language - and Islam
 Arabic numerals - deriving from India
 Arabic poetry - the nomadic tradition
 Arabic scholarship - and Greek texts
 Arabic script - origins
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