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 Wood, Arthur - and The Archers
 Wood, Henry
 Wood, Mrs Henry - East Lynne
 Wood, John (elder and younger)
 Wood, John Jr - Assembly Rooms, Bath
  - Royal Crescent, Bath
 Wood, John Sr - Bath
  - Bristol
 Wood, Ralph - Toby jug
 Woodall, John - experience as naval surgeon
 Woodchester (Roman villa)
 Wood Collection of ceramics - Potteries Museum
 woodcut - and Dürer
 woodcut, pictorial - earliest surviving
 Wood family - potters of Burslem
 Wooderson, Sydney
 Woodforde, Parson - and dinner
 Woodger, John - the kipper
 Woodroffe, Tommy - 'fleet's lit up'
 Woodville, Elizabeth
  - and Edward IV
  - granted Rockingham Castle
 Wookey Hole
 wool - in English medieval agriculture
  - English trade with Flanders
  - in Britain
  - and Baa, baa, black sheep
  - brief account
 Woolley, Frank - Kent cricketer
 Woolley, Leonard - excavations at Ur
  - brief biography
 Woolner, Thomas - and The Last of England
 Woolsack (House of Lords)
 Woolsthorpe Manor - and Newton
 Woolwich (building society)
 Woolwich (London)
  - tidal barrier
 Woolworths (in Britain)
 Wooster, Bertie - P.G. Wodehouse
 Worcester - battle in 1651
  - brief account of town
  - Three Choirs Festival
 Worcester Pearmain
 Worcester porcelain
  - selected examples
 Worcester sauce
 Wordsworth, Dorothy - and her brother
 Wordsworth, William - and Chatterton
  - brief biography
 workhouses - in Britain
 working men's club (in Britain)
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