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 Wimbledon (lawn tennis)
 Wimpy - the Wellington bomber
 Wimsey, Lord Peter - Dorothy Sayers
 Winchcombe Pottery - established by Michael Cardew
  - bought by Ray Finch
  - slipware
 Winchester - capital of British tribal ruler
  - and liturgical drama
  - omitted from Domesday Book
  - and Camelot
  - brief history of town
 Winchester, Bishop of
 Winchester College - founded in 1382
 Winckelmann - and the Greek Revival
 winding engine - in the Bertie shaft, Rhondda
 Wind in the Willows
 windlass - and rotary power
 windmills - earliest known reference
  - in Europe
 Windmill Theatre (London)
 wind of change - and Harold Macmillan
 windows - in domestic use
 window tax (in Britain)
 Windrush - in 1948
 Windsor - treaty of 1386
  - brief history of town
 Windsor, House of
 Windsor chair
 Windsor Forest - by Pope
 wine - origins
 Wingate, Orde - and the Chindits
  - brief biography
 Wingfield, Walter - lawn tennis
 Wingfield Digby family - and Sherborne Castle
 wings - in theatre scenery
 winkle-pickers (shoes)
 Winnipeg - and the Red River Rebellion
 Winslow Boy (Rattigan)
 Winstanley, Gerrard - and the Diggers
 Winstanley, Henry - Eddystone lighthouse
 Winter, James - and Blair Castle
 Winter Carpet - at Ctesiphon
 Winter King and Queen - of Bohemia
 Winter Queen (Elizabeth)
 winter of discontent - in the UK in 1978-9
  - brief account
 Winter Palace - in 1905
  - October Revolution
 Winter Quarters - and the Mormons
 Winter's Tale - by Shakespeare
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