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 Westminster - treaties of 1654 and 1674
  - brief account of city
 Westminster, Archbishop of
 Westminster Abbey - consecrated in 1065
  - brief account
  - Tomb of the Unknown Warrior
 Westminster Bridge
  - gas lighting
 Westminster Cathedral
  - and Eric Gill
 Westminster cemeteries
 Westminster Confession - in 1647
 Westminster Hall - de Montfort's parliament
  - the Model Parliament
  - and Henry IV
  - trial of Charles I
  - brief history
 Westminster Hospital
 Westminster School
  - Shrove Tuesday
 Westminster, Statute of - and the Commonwealth
 Westmorland, earl of - rebellion in 1569
 Westonbirt Arboretum
 Westphalia - peace in 1648
 Westphalia, kingdom of - agreed at Tilsit
 West Virginia - statehood in 1863
 Westward Ho (Kingsley)
 Westwoodside - game against Haxey
 West Wycombe Park
 West Yorkshire Folk Museum - Halifax
 wet-nurse - in Roman Empire
 wets (and Mrs Thatcher)
 Wettin - and Saxony
 Wetzlar - and Goethe
 Wexford - and the Vikings
  - taken by Normans
  - and Oliver Cromwell
 Weyden, Rogier van der
 Weyler, Valeriano - governor in Cuba
 W.H., Mr - and Shakespeare's Sonnets
 What Every Woman Knows - by Barrie
 What the Papers Say (Granada TV)
 'Whaur's your Wullie Shakspear noo?'
 Wheatley, Francis - and Cries of London
 Wheatstone, Charles
 wheel - as development in technology
  - in pottery
  - first use for transport
 Wheeler, Mortimer
 Wheeling - and the National Road
 Wheldon, Huw
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