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 Wembley (stadium)
 Wembley Arena - and Empire Pool
 Wen-Amen - Egyptian narrative
 Wenceslas - saint and king of Bohemia
 Wenceslas II - king of Bohemia
 Wenceslas III - king of Bohemia
 Wenceslas IV - king of Bohemia
  - and the Hussites
 'We never closed' - Windmill Theatre
 Wenford Bridge - and Michael Cardew
 Wenlock Olympian Society - and Olympic Games
 Wensleydale (cheese)
 Wen Ti - Chinese emperor
 Wentworth (golf course)
 Wereket-El - Phoenician merchant
 Werner, Abraham Gottlob - geologist
 Werner von Urslingen - condottiere
 'We shall fight on the beaches'
 Wesker, Arnold - Roots
 Wesley, Charles
 Wesley, John
  - and Bristol
  - and Evangelicals
 Wesley, John and Charles - Holy Club
  - and Methodist hymns
 Wessex - Anglo-Saxon kingdom
  - brief account
  - painting of the Great Treaty
  - and the Greek Revival
  - and lithography
 West, Rebecca
 West, Richard - and Thomas Gray
 West Africa Conference - in Berlin in 1884-5
 West Bromwich Albion (football club)
 Westbrook, Harriet - wife of Shelley
 Westbury Court, Gloucestershire
 Westbury White Horse
 West End (in London)
 Westerham - James Wolfe
 Western Australia - original colony
  - and gold from 1885
 Western Daily Press
 Western Samoa and Britain
 Western Sahara - as Spanish colony
  - disputed territory
 Western Wall - of Temple in Jerusalem
 West Florida - added to Alabama in 1813
 West Ham (South) - and Keir Hardie
 West Ham United (football club)
 West Highland - terrier
 West India Company, French - in Hispaniola
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