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 Webb, Aston
  - Admiralty Arch
  - Birmingham
  - Buckingham Palace
  - Dartmouth
  - the Mall
 Webb, Beatrice and Sidney - Fabian Society
  - brief biography
 Webb, John - and Inigo Jones
  - Wilton House
 Webb, Mary - and Cold Comfort Farm
 Webb, Matthew - swimming the Channel
 Webb, Philip - the Red House
 Webb Ellis, William - and rugby football
 Weber, Constanze - wife of Mozart
 Webster, John
 Wechsler, David - and IQ tests
 Wedgwood (pottery)
 Wedmore - treaty of AD 878
 Wee Frees - and Free Church of Scotland
 week - probable origin
 'week is a long time in politics' - Wilson
 weeping willow - and Pope
 weft - in textiles
 Wegener, Alfred - and continental drift
 Weglarski, Joseph - from Poland to Hemsworth
 Wehlau, treaty of - and ducal Prussia
 weight - standards of measurement
 Weimar - in the time of Goethe and Schiller
 Weimar republic
 Welensky, Roy - Rhodesia and Nyasaland
 Welf - German dynasty
 welfare policies - introduced by Bismarck
 welfare state (in Britain)
 Wellcome (company and Trust)
 Wellington (bomber)
 Wellington, duke of - in the Peninsular War
  - and the build-up to Waterloo
  - progress through the peerage
  - and the nude Napoleon
  - as prime minister
  - and Catholic emancipation
  - failure to form government in 1832
  - and the new MPs' hats
  - and Apsley House
  - and Eton
  - brief biography
 Wellington College
 Well of Loneliness
 Well of Moses - and Claus Sluter
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