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 Walpole, Horace - and Strawberry Hill
  - brief biography
  - and The Castle of Otranto
  - on the annus mirabilis
  - and Chatterton
  - and Garrick's Temple
 Walpole, Robert
  - and British foreign policy
  - collection in the Hermitage
  - brief biography
 Walsegg, Count Franz - Mozart's Requiem
 Walsingham (place of pilgrimage)
 Walsingham, Francis - spymaster
  - brief biography
 Walter, John - Times
 Walter, Lucy - and Charles II
 Walters, Alan - monetarism
 Walter von der Vogelweide - Minnesinger
 Waltham Cross - Eleanor cross
 Walthamstow - and William Morris
 Walton, Izaak
 Walton, William
 Wal Wal - and the Italo-Ethiopian War
 Wampanoag - Algonquian confederacy
 wampum - use by American Indians
  - turned into currency by Europeans
 Wanamaker, Sam - and the Globe
 Wang Chieh - and the Diamond Sutra
 Wang dynasty - in Korea
 Wang Kon - founder of Koryo dynasty
 Wang Daoshi - and Dunhuang
 Wang Wei - Tang poet
 Wannsee - and the 'final solution'
 Wapping (district of London)
 Warbeck, Perkin - pretender to throne
  - brief biography
 war crimes - new concept in 20th century
 Ward, Bernard and Anne - and Castle Ward
 Warden (Trollope)
 wardian case
 Wardour Street (London)
 Ware - Great Bed of Ware
  - tour through time
  - tour through time
 War Graves Commission
 Wari - ancient Andean city
 warming-pan baby (1688)
 Warner, Pelham
 War of American Independence
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