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  - and Frederick the Great
  - and Catherine the Great
  - and Admiral Byng
  - and Newton's apple
  - on optimism
  - sculpted by Houdon
  - and Newton
 Volterra, Daniele da - the Last Judgement
 volume - standards of measurement
 Völuuspá - in the Elder Edda
 V1 and V2 (pilotless bombs)
 Von Sass, Florence - source of the Nile
 Voronezh - and Peter the Great
 Vorster, Johannes - in South Africa
 votes for women - from 1848
 voting - in Roman assembly
 vowels - in Greek alphabet
 Vox populi, vox dei - Alcuin
 Voyage au Congo - by Gide
 Voysey, Charles
 Vreeswijk - and the pound lock
 V-sign (Churchill)
 VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas)
 VTOL - and the Harrier
 Vulgate - Latin translation of the Bible
 Vulliamy, Benjamin - clock at Kew
 Vulliamy, Lewis - Gothic Library at Leigh Park
 Vyasa - and the Mahabharata
 Vyazma - falls to Germans in 1941
 Vyse, Charles - potter
 Vyshinsky, Andrei - Moscow show trials
 WAC - in World War I
 Wace - and King Arthur
  - and the Round Table
 Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire
 Wade, George - builder of roads
  - in the national anthem
  - brief biography
 Wade-Davis bill - of 1864
 Wadham College - and the Royal Society
 Wafd - founded in 1918
 Waffen SS - under Himmler
 wagon - first known example
 Wagram - battle in 1809
 Waiblingen - Hohenstaufen castle
 Wailing Wall - in Jerusalem
 Wain, Louis
 Wainwright, Alfred
 Wakefield - brief history of town
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