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 Unknown Melancholy Young Man - Oliver
 Unkown Warrior, Tomb of the (Westminster Abbey)
 UNO - or Unión Nacional de Oppositora
 Unst (Shetlands)
 Unterwalden - one of the Waldstätte
 Untouchables - in caste system
 UPADS - in Congo
 UPC - in French Cameroun
 UPC - in Uganda
 Uppark, Sussex
 Upper Canada - from 1791
 Upper Peru - and Bolivia
 Upper Volta - within French empire
  - becomes Burkina Faso
 Uppsala - pagan shrine
 Upstairs Downstairs (TV)
 'upstart crow' - applied to Shakespeare
 Upton, Florence - and golliwog
 'up with which I will not put'
 Ur - the royal cemetery
  - backgammon board
  - and Leonard Woolley
 Ural-Altaic languages - in linguistic map
 Uranienborg - and Tycho Brahe
 Uranus - in Greek mythology
  - and Herschel
  - discovered in 1781
 Urban II - and Rome
  - and the first crusade
 Urban VI - elected pope in 1378
 Urban VIII - and the Barberini ceiling
  - and the Baldacchino
  - and Galileo
 Urfaust - by Goethe
 Uri - one of the Waldstätte
 urinal - exhibited by Duchamp
 URNG - in Guatemala
 Urquiza, Justo José de - in Argentina
 Ursula, St - and the Virgin Islands
 Urubamba valley - Cuzco, Machu Picchu
  - tour through time
 Uruk - and Gilgamesh
  - census from 1790
  - and the League of Nations
  - and German U-boats in World War I
 US Constitution - ratified in 1788
  - 13th Amendment
  - 14th Amendment
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