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 Ulster - and the Celtic tradition
  - and Presbyterians
  - brief account
 Ulster Folk and Transport Museum
 Ulster Unionist Party
 Ulster Volunteer Force - in 1913
 Ultra - and Bletchley Park
 ultracentrifuge - history
 ultrasound - history
  - developed after sinking of Titanic
  - as a treatment
  - and 3-D imaging
  - and doppler phenomenon
  - use in obstetrics
  - endoscopic ultrasonography
  - use in cardiology
 Ulundi - battle in 1879
 Ulverston - and Stan Laurel
 Ulyanov, Vladimir Ilyich - or Lenin
 Umako - of the Soga family
 Umayyad caliphate
  - in Spain
 Umberto I - king of Italy
 Umberto II - king of Italy
 Umgungundhlovu - and Piet Retief
 Umkhonto we Sizwe - Spear of the Nation
 Umzimvubu river - and Piet Retief
 'unacceptable face of capitalism'
 underground (in London)
 undertakers - in the 19th century
 Under Milk Wood
 undertakers - in plantation of Ireland
 Unidad Revolucionario Nacional Guatemalteco
 Uniformity, Act of - in 1662
  - and the Noncomformists
  - and Clarendon Code
 Unilateral Declaration of Independence - UDI
 unilateral disarmament - and Labour party
 Unilever (company)
 Union, Act of - in 1707
  - in 1800
  - brief account of both
 Union and Progress - or the Young Turks
 Union Camerounaise - Ahmadou Ahidjo
 Union Chain Bridge
 Union Enrollment Act - of 1863
 Union Minièere - formed in 1906
  - and Tshombe
 Unionist (in Northern Ireland)
 Unionist party - in Eritrea
 Unionists - and Liberal Unionists of 1886
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