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 Turing, Alan
  - at Bletchley Park
 Turkestan - and the Qing dynasty
  - tour through time
 turkeys - domesticated
  - and Thanksgiving
 Turkmen - Northern Alliance in Afghanistan
  - tour through time
 Turks and Caicos Islands
 Turnberry (golf course)
 Turner, Daniel - 17th century London surgeon
 Turner, Eva
 Turner, J.M.W.
  - and watercolour
  - Petworth House
  - villa in Twickenham
  - selected paintings up to 1800
  - selected paintings, 1801-10
  - selected paintings, 1811-20
  - selected paintings, 1821-30
  - selected paintings after 1831
 Turner, Richard - Belfast botanic gardens
  - Palm House, Kew
 Turner Prize - Tate Gallery
 Turner, Richard - Palm House at Kew
 Turold - author of Chanson de Roland
 Turpin, Dick
 Tuscan dialect - and Italian language
 Tuscarora - in the Iroquois League
 Tuskegee experiment - and syphilis
 Tussaud, Marie - waxworks
 Tustin, Sidney and Charles - potters
 Tutankhamen - previously Tutankhaten
  - his tomb
  - and sculpture
  - discovery of the tomb
 Tutsi - in Rwanda and Burundi
 Tutu, Desmond - Nobel Peace Prize
  - Truth and Reconciliation Commission
 Tuvalu and Britain
 TV Times (magazine)
 Twa - tiny minority in Ruanda-Urundi
 tweed (fabric)
 Tweed (river)
 Tweedledum and Tweedledee
 Twelfth Night - and Christmas
 Twelfth Night - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
  - performed in Stalag 8B
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