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 Troubles - in Ireland in 1919-21
  - in northern Ireland from 1970
  - brief account
  - visited by Alexander
 Troyes - treaty of 1420
  - and Joan of Arc
 troy weight
 Trucial States and Britain
 Truck Act (1831)
 True Cross - discovery in Jerusalem
  - seized by Persians in 614
  - returned to Jerusalem in 629
  - and the Sainte Chapelle
 True Law of Free Monarchies - James VI
 Trujillo, Rafael - in Domican Republic
 Truk Islands - assault in 1944
 Truman, Harry S. - at Potsdam
  - and Hiroshima
 trumpet - in ancient Egypt
 Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke)
 Truro (Cornwall)
 Truth and Reconciliation Commission
 tsar - and Julius Caesar
  - title adopted by princes of Moscow
 Tsar Cannon - in Moscow
 Tsarskoe Selo - Nicholas II in 1917-18
 TSB (Trustee Savings Bank)
 Tschirnhaus, Ehrenfried - and porcelain
 Tshisekedi, Etienne - in Congo
 Tshombe, Moise - president of Katanga
  - kidnapped in 1967
 Tshushima Strait - battle in 1905
 Tsirana, Philibert - in Malagasy republic
 Tsvangirai, Morgan - and the MDC
 TT (Tourist Trophy Races)
 Tuareg - in Mali
  - in Niger
 tuberculosis - history of the disease
 Tubman, William - president of Liberia
 TUC - and the General Strike
  - brief history
 Tucuman - battle in 1812
 Tudor (House of)
 Tudor (the term)
 Tudor, Antony
 Tudor, Owen - and the house of Tudor
 Tudor rose - and the Wars of the Roses
  - Henry VII and Elizabeth
 Tu Fu - Tang poet
 Tugela river - and Piet Retief
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