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 Trafalgar - battle in 1805
  - brief account
  - as a turning point in history
 Trafalgar Square (London)
 Trail of Tears - of Cherokee Indians
 Traité élémentaire - by Lavoisier
 Traitors' Gate - Tower of London
  - and the bridge at Alcánatara
  - and gladiators
  - portrait bust
  - related items
 Trajan's column - in Rome
 tranquilisers - history and use
 Transalpine Gaul - and the Celts
 Transcontinental Treaty of 1819 - the terms
  - the resulting border
 transept - in Christian churches
 Transjordan and Britain
 transoms - in windows
  - tour through time
 transportation - from 18th-century Britain
  - ends to New South Wales
  - to Western Australia from 1849
 trans-Siberian railway - started in 1891
 Transkei - the first Bantustan
 transplantation - and prevention of rejection
  - first heart transplant
  - first kidney transplant
  - the first liver transplant
 Transubstantiation - and the Jews
  - and John Wycliffe
 Transvaal - and South African Republic
  - self-governing from 1906
 Traoré, Moussa - president of Mali
 Trapani (Drepanum) - battle in 241 BC
 Traquair House
 trasformismo - in Italian politics
 Trasimene, Lake - battle in 217 BC
 Travellers - An Irish Travelling Family
 Travellers' Club (London)
 Travers, Ben
 Traverse (Edinburgh theatre)
 treadmill - powered by slaves
 Treasure Island (Stevenson)
 Treasury of Atreus - at Mycenae
 Treatise on Human Nature - by Hume
 Treatises on Midwifery - by Smellie
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