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 Tory - origin of term in Britain
 tossing the caber
 Tostig - son of Godwin
  - and Stamford Bridge
 Tote (horseracing)
 To the Lighthouse (Woolf)
 Tottenham Hotspur (football club)
 Toulon - and Napoleon in 1793
  - fleet scuttled in 1942
 Toulouse - and the Cathars
  - and the Albigensian crusade
 Touré, Sékou - president of Guinea
 Tours - battle in AD 732
  - manuscripts in Alcuin's monastery
  - and Jean Fouquet
 Tour through Great Britain - by Defoe
 Toussaint L'Ouverture
 Toward, Agnes - and the Tenement House
 Tower Bridge (London)
 Tower Hill (London)
 Tower of Babel - by Brueghel
 Tower of London
 towers of silence - and the Parsees
 town criers - shouting competition
  - brief description
 Towne, Francis - and watercolour
  - brief biography
 towns - the earliest
 Townsend, C. Harrison - Horniman Museum
 Townshend, Turnip
 Townswomen's Guilds
 toxicology - history
 Toynbee, Arnold (Joseph)
 Toyokuni - and the Japanese colour print
 Toyotomi Hideyoshi - Japanese warlord
 toy theatre
 TPLF - Tigre People's Liberation Front
 trabeate architecture - Egypt and Greece
 Trabzon - in World War I
 Tractarians - Oxford Movement
  - tour through time
 Tradescant, John (father and son)
 Trade Union Act - of 1871
 trade unions - in 19th-century Britain
  - brief account
 trade winds
 Trades Disputes Act - of 1906
 Trades Union Congress - in 1868
  - and the General Strike
 Trafalgar - battle in 1805
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