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 Tintagel, Cornwall
 Tintern Abbey
  - and Venetian art
 tin trade in Cornwall - described by Pytheas
 Tippecanoe - battle in 1811
 Tippett, Michael
 Tippoo's Tiger (mechanical toy)
 Tip the Coal - Travellers' game
 Tipu Sultan
  - his death in 1799
 Tiradentes - or Silva Xavier
 Tirel, Walter - and William II
 Tiro - freedman of Cicero
 Tirol - bequeathed to the Habsburgs
  - county attached to Austria
  - South Tirol promised to Italy in 1915
 Tirpitz, Alfred von - and the German navy
 tirthankara - in Jainism
 Tiryns - and Cylopean architecture
 Tissot, James (in London)
 Tisza, Istvan - Hungarian premier
 Titanic (liner)
 Titans - in Greek mythology
 Tite, William - Royal Exchange
 Titian - and Venetian art
  - and Velazquez
  - selected paintings up to 1530
  - selected paintings after 1530
 Titicaca, Lake - and Tiwanaku
 Titus, Roman emperor
  - in Judaea
  - triumphal arch in Rome
  - and inauguration of Colosseum
 Titus - son of Rembrandt
 Titus Andronicus (Shakespeare)
 Tivoli - Hadrian's villa
 Tiwanaku - ancient Andean city
 Tlaloc - Aztec rain god
 Tlaxcala people - and Cortes
 TLS (Times Literary Supplement)
  - and Virginia Woolf
 To a Skylark (Shelley)
 tobacco - early cultivation
  - transplanted from America
  - and James I
  - used as a medicine
  - and lung cancer
 Tobruk - in the campaign of 1941-3
 Toby - and Punch
  - on the cover of Punch
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