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 Thirty-Nine Articles - and Nonconformists
  - brief account
 Thirty-Nine Steps (Buchan)
 Thirty-three Immortals - of Lavalleja
 thirty-year rule (government papers)
 Thirty Year Treaty - in Peloponnesian Wars
  - and age of Pericles
 This little pig went to market
 thistle - emblem for Scotland
 Thistle, Order of the
 Thomas - bishop of Uppsala
 Thomas, Brandon - Charley's Aunt
 Thomas, Dylan
 Thomas, Percy - Swansea Guildhall
 Thomas, Sidney - iron and steel
 Thomas, the Tank Engine
 Thomas à Kempis - Imitation of Christ
 Thomason, Yeoville - and Birmingham
 Thomsen, Christian - stone, bronze, iron
 Thomson, Alexander - Greek Revival
  - tenements in Glasgow
 Thomson, Charles Wyville - and HMS Challenger
 Thomson, D.C. - Sunday Post
 Thomson, James - Rule, Britannia
 Thomson, Joseph John
  - Cavendish Laboratory
 Thomson, William - and the Courier
 Thomson, William (baron Kelvin)
 Thon-mi Sambhota - and Tibetan script
 Thorfinn Karlsefni - and Vinland
 Thorndike, Sybil
 Thorneley, Arnold - and Stormont
 Thorvaldsen, Bertel - Danish sculptor
 Thornhill, James - Royal Naval College
 Thornhill, John - Blenheim Palace
 Thornton, William - design for Capitol
 thoroughbred - in horse racing
  - brief account
 Thoth - Egyptian god
 Thousand and One Nights **
  - and Baghdad
 Thousand Buddhas - caves at Dunhuang
 1,000 Guineas (classic race)
 Thousand-Year Reich - and Hitler
 Thrace - in Persian empire
 Thrale, Mr and Mrs - and Johnson
 thread - spinning of
 Threadneedle Street (London)
 Three blind mice
 three-field system - in medieval agriculture
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