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 Thatcher, Margaret
  - and the Falklands War
  - and the Anglo-Irish Agreement
  - brief biography
 That Was The Week That Was (TV)
  - tour through time
 Theatre, The - built by James Burbage
 Theatre Museum (London)
 Theatre of Dionysus - in Athens
 Thebes in Egypt - as capital
  - Karnak and Luxor
  - captured by Assyrians
 Thebes in Greece - attacks Plataea
  - destruction in 335 BC
 Themistocles - and Athenian navy
  - withdrawal from Athens
  - and Salamis
  - rebuilding walls of Athens
 theodolite - early version in Alexandria
 Theodora, Byzantine empress
  - in San Vitale
 Theodore II - emperor of Ethiopia
 Theodoric the Great
  - and Ravenna
  - and Dietrich von Bern
 Theodosius the Great
  - and Visigoths as foederati
  - hostile to Arianism
  - abolishes Olympic games
 Theophilus - his widow and iconoclasm
  - and botany
  - successor of Aristotle
 Theory of the Earth - by James Hutton
 Theotokopoulos, Domenikos - or El Greco
 theotokos - and Nestorius
 Thera - and Akrotiri
  - murals of the 16th century BC
 Theravada Buddhism
 theriac - history of the drug
 Thermidor - reaction against Robespierre
 thermometer - alcohol and mercury
  - history
  - development of special glass
  - digital
  - flexible
  - thermocouple
 Thermopylae - battle in 480 BC
  - epitaph to the Spartans
 Thermos flask - and James Dewar
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