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 Tempest - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Templars, order of knighthood
  - last crusaders in the Middle East
  - as bankers
  - their suppression
 Temple - by George Herbert
 Temple Bar (London)
 Temple in Jerusalem - the First
  - destroyed in 586 BC
  - the Second
  - rebuilt by Herod
  - destroyed in AD 70
 Temple Newsam - Leeds
 Temple of Heaven - in China
  - example in Beijing
 Templeton, James - and Axminster
 Temujin - original name of Genghis Khan
 Tenby (resort town)
 Ten Commandments - revealed to Moses
 Tendai - the crow and the walnut
 Tenement House (of Agnes Toward)
 Tenerife - falls to Spain in 1496
 Ten Hour Act - of 1847
 Tennessee - preparing to join the union
  - and the Confederate states
 Tenniel, John
 tennis (lawn)
 tennis (royal or court) - origins
 Tennis Court - Oath of 1789
 Tennyson, Alfred Lord - and Charge of the Light Brigade
  - brief biography
  - and Julia Margaret Cameron
  - Charge of the Light Brigade
  - and Dickens in Richmond
  - Golden Treasury
 Tenochtitlan - foundation
  - and human sacrifice
 ten plagues - brought upon the Egyptians
 1066 and all that
 Tenskwatawa - brother of Tecumseh
 Tenure of Office Act - in 1867
 Ten Years - of the early Dutch republic
 Ten Years' War - of 1868-78 in Cuba
 Tenzing, Sherpa - and Everest
 Terceira - in the War of Two Brothers
 tercio - Spanish regiment
 Terence - Roman playwright
 Teresa of Avila, St - and Carmelite Reform
  - sculpture by Bernini
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