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 Tantallon Castle
 TANU - Tanganyika African National Union
  - in World War I
  - and Britain
 taoiseach - the Irish prime minister
 Taq-e Kisra - vaulted hall at Ctesiphon
 Taraki, Nur Mohammad - Afghan politician
 Taranto - falls to Rome in 272 BC
  - British attack in 1940
 Tarapacá province - ceded to Chile in 1883
 Tarentum - falls to Rome in 272 BC
 Tarka the Otter (Williamson)
 Tarmac (trade name)
 tarot cards - the pack
 tarpan - wild horse of Europe
 Tarqui - battle in 1829
 Tarquinia - Etruscan tomb painting
 Tarquin the Proud - king of Rome
 Tarsus - Antony and Cleopatra
  - St Paul
 tartan - banned from 1747 to 1782
  - made fashionable by George IV
  - brief account
 Tartuffe - by Molière
 Tarxien - megalithic temples
 Tasman, Abel - explorer
  - and the Maori
 Tasmania - reached by Europeans in 1642
  - independent colony from 1825
  - and the Aborigines
 Tasso, Torquato
 Tatars - name for the Mongols in Russia
 Tate, Henry - and Tate & Lyle
 Tate, Nahum - While shepherds watched
 Tate & Lyle
 Tate Gallery (now known as Tate) - brief history
 Tate Liverpool - art gallery
 Tatler - founded by Steele
  - brief account
 Tattersalls (auctioneers)
 Taunton (Somerset)
 Tavastians - move into Finland
 Tawney, R.H.
 Taxol - treatment for ovarian cancer
 Tay (river)
 Taya, Ould - president of Mauritania
 Taylor, A.J.P.
  - the Establishment
 Taylor, Charles - president of Liberia
 Taylor, John (Chevalier) - and cataract surgery
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