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 Talbot House - Toc H
 Tale of Genji - by Murasaki Shikubi
 Tale of a Tub - by Swift
 Tale of Two Cities (Dickens)
 Taliban - in Afghanistan
 talking leaves - of Cherokee
 Talleyrand, Charles Maurice de
  - and the XYZ Affair
  - and the fall of Napoleon
  - at the Congress of Vienna
 Tallis, Thomas
 Tallmadge, James - and Missouri in 1819
 Talman, William - Chatsworth
 Talmud - and the Jewish oral tradition
 Tamar (river)
 Tamashek - language of the Tuareg
 Tamatave - taken by French in 1883
 Tambo, Oliver - and the ANC in 1949
  - and the ANC in exile
  - return to South Africa
  - succeeded by Mandela in ANC
 Tamburlaine - by Marlowe
  - brief account
 Tamerlane - or Timur i Leng
 Tamils - in southern India
  - in Sri Lanka
 Taming of the Shrew - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Tam o' Shanter
 Tamoxifen - treatment for breast cancer
 Tana, Lake - source of the Blue Nile
 Tanagra - battle in 457 BC
 T and O maps - the Mappa Mundi
 T'ang dynasty
 T'ang poetry
 T'ang pottery - and tomb figures
 Tanganyika - under British mandate
  - brief account
 Tanganyika, Lake - Burton and Speke
 Tanganyika African National Union - 1953
 Tangier - visit of William II in 1905
  - as international port
  - restored to Morocco
 Tanis - and the 21st dynasty
 tank (military) - and Leonardo da Vinci
  - brief account
 Tankerness House - Kirkwall
 Tannenberg - battle in 1410
  - battle in 1914
 Tannhäuser - and the Minnesinger
 Tantallon Castle
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