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 Swinburne, Algernon
  - Aesthetic Movement
 Swiss Confereration - peace of Westphalia
 Swiss guards - in the Vatican
  - massacred in Paris in 1792
 Swiss War - of 1499
 Swithin's Day (and rain)
  - tour through time
  - and early socialist parties
 sword dance (in Britain)
 Sydenham - and the Crystal Palace
 Sydenham, Thomas - flees London during the plague
  - on measles
  - on syphilis
  - and opium
  - treats malaria in London
  - and treatment for anaemia
  - on the microscope
 Sydney - origins
 SYL - Somali Youth League
 syllabub (drink or pudding)
 Syllabus - promulgated by Pius IX
 syllogism - introduced by Aristotle
 Sylvester II - and the crown of St Stephen
 Symington, William - Charlotte Dundas
 Symonds, Symon - and Bray
 Symphonic Variations (Ashton ballet)
 symphony - in the 18th century
 Symphony Hall (Birmingham)
 Symposium - by Plato
 synagogue - origins
 Synod of Whitby - in 664
  - brief account
 Syntax, Dr
 Syon House
 syphilis - history of the disease
  - drug treatment
  - discovery of Salvarsan
  - and reconstruction of the nose
  - tour through time
 Syracuse - and Athens in 415 BC
  - in Sicilian Wars
  - and start of Punic Wars
  - Greek temple
 SYRIA (and Palestine)
  - tour through time
  - and Hannibal
  - annexed by Rome in 64 BC
 Syriac - version of Aramaic
 Systema naturae - by Linnaeus
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