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 Sullivan, Arthur
 Sullivan, John L. - heavyweight champion
 Sullom Voe - North Sea oil terminal
  - brief description
 Sumatra - and Islam
 Sultan Ahmet - mosque in Istanbul
 Sultanate of Rum - and the Seljuks
 Sultan bin Saif - imam of Oman
 Sumer - development of writing
  - and the temple priests
  - and Sargon
 'Sumer is icumen in'
 Summa contra gentiles - by Aquinas
 Summa theologica - by Aquinas
 summer pudding
 Summer Time (in Britain)
 Sumner, Mary - Mothers' Union
 sumo wrestling - legendary first contest
 sun - formation
  - distance from earth calculated in 1672
 Sun, The (British newspaper)
 Sun Alliance
 Sunday Express (British newspaper)
 Sunday in Britain
 Sunday Mirror (British newspaper)
 Sunday Post (British newspaper)
 Sunday schools in Britain
 Sunday Telegraph (British newspaper)
 Sunday Times (British newspaper)
 Sunderland (city)
 Sunderland (football club)
 sundial - in ancient Egypt
 Sundiata - founder of kingdom of Mali
 Sun King - Louis XIV
 Sunni - orthodox Islam
 Sunningdale (golf course)
 sun spots - and Galileo
 supernova - observed in AD 1054
 Supe river - early civilization in Peru
 supper - and dinner
 Supper at Emmaus - by Caravaggio
 Supremacy, Act of - in 1534
  - in Ireland in 1536
  - in 1559
 Supremacy, Act of (1534)
 Surat - and the English
  - and the Dutch and French
 surgeon-apothecary - in the 18th century
 surgeons - linked with barbers
  - and destruction of child
  - women surgeons in medieval Italy
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