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 Street, G.E. - Bristol
  - Law Courts
 Stresemann, Gustav - German foreign minister
 Strijdom, Johannes - in South Africa
 strikes (Britain in 1960s and 70s)
 stringed instruments - the first
 string quartet - in the 18th century
 strip-farming - in medieval agriculture
 Strode, William - one of the Five Members
 Stroessner, Alfredo - dictator in Paraguay
 Strong, John - and the Falkland Islands
 Strong, Patience
 Strongbow - earl of Pembroke
 Strozzi - palace in Florence
 Structure of the Human Body - by Vesalius
 Strutt, William - and the first fireproof mill
 Stuart, Athenian - Greek Revival
  - Shugborough
 Stuart, Charles Edward - the Young Pretender
  - brief biography
 Stuart, Frances - and Britannia
 Stuart, House of
  - change of spelling from Stewart
  - Stuarts in exile
 Stuart, James Edward - the Old Pretender
  - and the crisis of 1688
  - and Jacobites
  - brief biography
 Stuart, James 'Athenian' - Mount Stewart
 Stuart, John and Bernard - and van Dyck
 Stuart, John McDouall - crossing Australia
  - and Jacobites
 Stubbs, George
  - brief biography
  - selected horse paintings
  - selected horse and lion paintings
  - selected portraits
  - selected genre paintings
 studio pottery - Bergen Collection
 Studley Royal
 stupa - origin
  - development in Hindu temples
  - evolution into pagoda
 Sturmabteilung - the SA
 Sturm und Drang - in German literature
 Stuyvesant, Peter - and New Amsterdam
 Styal (early factory community)
 stylites - eastern hermits
 Styria - duchy attached to Austria
 Suakin - and Egypt in the 19th century
 Subiaco - and St Benedict
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