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 Stowe (house and garden)
 Strabo - Greek geographer
  - on trade with Britain
 Strachey, Lytton
 Strafford, earl of - impeachment
  - brief biography
 Straits Convention - of 1841
 Straits Settlements - and Singapore
 Strand Magazine
 Strange Meeting (Wilfred Owen)
 Strangeways (prison)
 Strasbourg - and Johann Gutenberg
  - and the Reformation
  - and John Calvin
  - newspaper in 1609
  - seized by France in 1681
  - ceded to France in 1714
  - and Goethe
 Strasser, Valentine - in Sierra Leone
 Strata Florida Abbey
 Strata Smith - geologist
 strategoi - the elected generals of Athens
 Stratfield Saye
 Stratford-upon-Avon - and Shakespeare
  - brief account of town
  - and Garrick
 Strathclyde - and the Scottish kingdom
 Strawberry Hill - and the Gothic Revival
  - and Thomas Gray
  - brief description of house
 Streatfield, Noel
 Street, G.E. - Bristol
  - Law Courts
 Stresemann, Gustav - German foreign minister
 Strijdom, Johannes - in South Africa
 strikes (Britain in 1960s and 70s)
 stringed instruments - the first
 string quartet - in the 18th century
 strip-farming - in medieval agriculture
 Strode, William - one of the Five Members
 Stroessner, Alfredo - dictator in Paraguay
 Strong, John - and the Falkland Islands
 Strong, Patience
 Strongbow - earl of Pembroke
 Strozzi - palace in Florence
 Structure of the Human Body - by Vesalius
 Strutt, William - and the first fireproof mill
 Stuart, Athenian - Greek Revival
  - Shugborough
 Stuart, Charles Edward - the Young Pretender
  - brief biography
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