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 Standard (London evening newspaper)
 standard gauge (railways)
 Standard Histories - in China
 standing stones (prehistoric)
 Standish, Myles
  - and John Alden
 Stanford, Charles Villiers
 Stanford Binet intelligence tests
 Stanislaus Augustus - and Dulwich Picture Gallery
 Stanislaw I - king of Poland
 Stanislaw II - king of Poland
  - and Dulwich Picture Gallery
 Stanley - Falkland Islands
 Stanley, Henry Morton - 'Find Livingstone'
  - and Livingstone in 1871
  - and Lake Tanganyika in 1872
  - and the Congo river
  - and Leopold II
  - brief biography
 Stanley Gibbons
 Stanley Pool - named by Stanley in 1877
  - Brazza forestalls Stanley in 1880
 Stans, Convention of - and Brother Klaus
 Stansted (airport)
 Stanton, Edwin - and Johnson in 1868
 Stanton, Elizabeth - women's suffrage
 Stanze - by Raphael
 Star, Daily (British newspaper)
 star catalogue - of Eratosthenes
  - of Hipparchus
 Star Chamber - abolished
  - brief account
 starfish - in evolution
 Star and Garter (Richmond)
  - and Dickens
 Stark, Freya
 Starley, James - and Coventry
  - penny-farthing
 Stars and Stripes - or Star-Spangled Banner
 stately homes - in Britain
  - origin of phrase
 State Opening of Parliament
 state school (in Britain)
 States General - in Dutch republic
 Stationers' Company - and censorship
 Statue of Liberty - dedicated in 1886
 Statute of Labourers - Peasants' Revolt
 Statute of Westminster - dominion status
 Staufen - castle in Swabia
 Stauffenberg, Claus von - plot against Hitler
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