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 Stewart dynasty
  - change of spelling to Stuart
  - Stuarts in exile
 still - development
 Stillingfleet, Benjamin - and bluestockings
 Stilton (cheese)
 Stinger missiles - supplied to Afghans
 Stirling - and Bannockburn
  - brief account of town
 Stirling, James (architect)
 Stirling, James - and Western Australia
 Stirling, Robert (inventor)
 Stirling Bridge - battle in 1297
  - brief account
 stirrup - early development
 Stir-Up Sunday - and Christmas pudding
 stockbroking - in Jonathan's coffee house
 Stock Exchange (London)
 Stockholm - and the Hanseatic League
 Stockholm Banco - founded in 1656
 Stockholm Bloodbath - in 1520
 stocking frame - invented in 1589
 stocks and pillory
 Stockton and Darlington railway
 Stoffels, Hendrijke - and Rembrandt
 Stoke - battle in 1487
 Stoke Mandeville (hospital)
 Stoke Poges - and Thomas Gray
  - and Gray's Elegy
 Stokesay Castle
 Stolbova - peace in 1617
 Stolypin, Petr
 Stone Age - the concept
  - in Britain
  - tour through time
 Stone Age survival - the man in the ice
 Stone of Scone - and Kenneth MacAlpin
  - taken south by Edward I
  - returned to Scotland in 1996
 Stonehenge - stone circle
  - and druids
  - brief description
  - and Merlin
 stones in the bladder - surgical removal
  - Stephen Hales
 Stoney, G.J. - the electron
 Stopes, Marie
 Storia d'Italia - by Guicciardini
 Stormont - established in 1921
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