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 St Martin-in-the-Fields (church)
 St Mary's Hospital, Paddington - bans women students
 St Matthew Passion - by J.S. Bach
 St Michael's Mount, Cornwall
 St Pancras (station)
 St Paul Outside the Walls - and Constantine
 St Paul's Cathedral, London - tradition of the dome
  - and Christopher Wren
  - and Jean Tijou
  - brief description
 St Paul's school - and John Colet
  - brief account
 St Peter's - built by Constantine in Rome
  - Renaissance basilica in Rome
  - and Michelangelo
  - Raphael appointed architect
  - and Bernini
 St Petersburg - founded in 1703
  - December revolution of 1825
  - revolution of 1905
  - name changed to Petrograd
 St Peter's School - York
 Saint-Ruth, marquis de - in Ireland
 St Stephen's Tower - and Big Ben
 St Swithin's Day (and rain)
 St Thomas's hospital - Nightingale nurses
  - brief account
  - built on Albert Embankment
  - John Keats trains as doctor
  - and Somerset Maugham
  - outpatient numbers
 St Valentine's Day
 St Vincent, Cape - battle in 1797
  - battle in 1833
 St Vincent and the Grenadines
 Saipan - battle for in 1944
 Sakai - tomb of Nintoku
 Sakalava dynasty - in Madagascar
 Saki (H.H. Munro)
  - ending the Fatimid line
 Salamis - battle in 480 BC
 Salana, Raoul - and the OAS
 Salandra, Antonio
 salary - origin of word
 Salazar, António de Oliveira
 Salem - witchcraft trials in 1691-2
 Salerno - medical school
  - introduces Arab medicine to Europe
  - Allied landing in 1943
 Salford - population growth 1772-1851
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