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 South, Robert - Richmond silver flagons
  - tour through time
  - and Britain
  - and the Commonwealth
 South Africa Act - passed in 1909
 South African Party - of Botha and Smuts
 South African Republic - of 1857-77
  - re-established in 1884
 Southampton, UK - and the Grace Dieu
  - and bowls
  - brief account of town
 South Bank (in London)
 South Carolina - and the Confederate states
 Southdown - English sheep
  - tour through time
  - spread of Buddhism
 Southern Song - Chinese dynasty
 Southey, Robert - and Telford
  - brief biography
 South Georgia (in South Atlantic)
 South Pass - on the Oregon Trail
 South Sea - early name for the Pacific
 South Sea Bubble - in 1720
  - brief account
 South Stack (lighthouse)
 Southwark (London)
 Southwell (Nottinghamshire)
 South West Africa - German colony
  - in World War I
 South West Africa People's Organization
 Souvenir, Le - by Fragonard
 Souvenir de Solferino - by Henri Dunant
 sovereign (British coin)
 soviets - origin in 1905
 Soweto - in 1976
  - and Desmond Tutu
  - tour through time
  - and Artemidorus
  - origins of the Cortes
  - and the Philippines
  - and early socialist parties
 spaniels in Britain
 Spanish Armada - in 1588
  - tour through time
 Spanish flu - in the 20th century
 Spanish Guinea - recognized as colony
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