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 Singing Detective (Potter)
 Sinhalese - moving into Sri Lanka
  - and the name Ceylon
 sinking fund - introduced by Pitt
  - brief account
 Sinn Fein - origin of name
  - by-election victories from 1916
  - leaders arrested in 1918
  - election success in 1918
  - and the northern Irish peace process
  - brief history
 Sinn Fein Volunteers - splinter group in 1914
 Sinop - in the Crimean War
 Sino-Tibetan - language group of east Asia
 Sinterklaas - and Father Christmas
 Sintra, convention of - in the Peninsular War
 Sioux - and the war of 1876
 Siraj-ud-Daula - nawab of Bengal
 siren suit (in World War II)
 Sir Galahad, HMS - in the Falklands War
  - as war grave
 Sir Gawain and Green Knight - alliteration
 Sirhind - battle in 1555
 Sirius - and flooding of the Nile
 Sir Patrick Spens (ballad)
 Sir Tristram - in the Falklands War
 Sissinghurst Castle (and garden), Kent
 Sistine chapel - and Sixtus IV
  - and Michelangelo
  - and the Raphael tapestries
 Sistine choir - and Sixtus IV
  - and castrati
 Sithole, Ndabaningi - and ZANU
  - persecuted in 1994-5
 Sitka - and the Russian-American Company
 Sittampalam, Ganesh - as infant prodigy
 Sitting Bull
 Sitwell family
 Six Acts - measures passed in 1819
 Six Articles - act of 1539
 six counties - of northern Ireland in 1607
  - from 1921
  - brief account
 Six Dynasties - in China
 sixes and sevens (the phrase)
 Six Nations - of the Iroquois League
 Six Nations tournament (rugby union)
 Sixtus III - and Santa Maria Maggiore
 Sixtus IV - and the Sistine chapel
  - and the Pazzi conspiracy
  - and the Spanish Inquisition
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