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 Silverstone (racing circuit)
 Silvester I - and Donation of Constantine
 Sima Qian
  - on the rich produce of China
 Simeon, St - the stylite
 Simnel, Lambert - and the English throne
  - brief account
 Simon, John - 19th-century public health legislation
 Simon, John - and the National government
 Simon Bar-Cochba - captures Jerusalem
 Simon Bolivar, SS - sunk by a mine
 Simon de Montfort - Albigensian crusade
 Simon de Montfort - Barons' War
  - and the parliament of 1265
 Simon Maccabaeus - leader of the Jews
  - and the Essenes
 Simone Martini - and International Gothic
 simony - and Lateran synod of 1059
 Simplon - Alpine pass and the Swiss
 Simpson, Alan - Steptoe and Son
 Simpson, James (obstetrician)
  - on leprosy
  - uses chloroform in childbirth
  - first anaesthetic in childbirth
  - invents 'air tractor'
 Simpson, Wallis - and the abdication crisis
  - and Edward VIII
 Simpson, William - in the Crimean War
 Sinai - early copper mines
  - mining by Egyptians in c.2550 BC
  - monastery of St Catherine
  - restored to Egypt in 1982
 Sinan, Turkish architect
 Sind - occupied by Arabs in 712
 Sindbad the Sailor - in the Arabian Nights
  - brief account
 Singapore - and Britain
  - falls to Japanese in 1942
 Sing a Song of Sixpence
 singeing the king of Spain's beard - in 1587
 Singh - as Sikh name
 Singing Detective (Potter)
 Sinhalese - moving into Sri Lanka
  - and the name Ceylon
 sinking fund - introduced by Pitt
  - brief account
 Sinn Fein - origin of name
  - by-election victories from 1916
  - leaders arrested in 1918
  - election success in 1918
  - and the northern Irish peace process
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