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 Sickert, Walter
  - Camden Town Group
 sickle cell anaemia - and malaria
 sick man of Europe - relating to Turkey
 Sic semper tyrannis - and Booth
 Siddall, Elizabeth - as Ophelia
 Siddons, Mrs (Sarah Kemble)
 Sidereus Nuncius - by Galileo
 Sidney, Philip
 Sidney Street siege
 Sidon - Phoenician city
  - sea trade with Egypt
 siege engines - primitive
  - Assyrian
 Siege Perilous - at the Round Table
 Siegfried - in Germanic legend
  - Norse equivalent
 Siegried line (World Wars)
 Siemens, William
 Siena - cathedral façade
  - cathedral pulpit by Nicola Pisano
  - Campo and Palazzo Publico
  - and Duccio
  - and the Palio
  - brought within Tuscany
  - replica tower in Grimsby
  - and the Portuguese
  - and Britain
 sieve of Eratosthenes - prime numbers
 Sieyès, Emmanuel Joseph - third estate
  - and the coup d'état of Brumaire
 Sigismund - king of Sweden
 Sigismund, emperor - and John Huss
  - and throne of Bohemia
 Sigismund II - last in Jagiellon line
 Sigismund III - king of Poland
  - and of Sweden
  - designs on Russian throne
 Signal Book for the Ships of War - in 1799
 signore - ruler in Italian city states
 Siguror - the Siegfried of the Elder Edda
  - in Britain
 Sikkim - brought within British empire
 Sikri - becomes Fatehpur Sikri
 Silbury Hill
 Silesia - in Habsburg empire
  - and War of Austrian Succession
  - ceded to Prussia in 1745
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