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 Sheffield (city)
  - Benjamin Huntsman
 Sheffield, HMS - in the Falklands War
 Sheffield Park Garden, Sussex
 Sheffield plate
 Sheffield United (football club)
 Sheffield Wednesday (football club)
 Shell (oil company)
 Shelley, Mary
 Shelley, Percy Bysshe
 shellfish - in evolution
 Shelter (charity)
 Shene - and Richmond
 Shene Charterhouse
 sheng - Chinese mouth organ
 Shenyang - battle in 1905
 Shepard, E.H.
 Shepheardes Calendar - by Spenser
 shepherd's pie
 Sheppard, Jack
 Shepstone, Theophilus - and Cetshwayo
 Sher Ali - ruler of Afghanistan
 Sheraton, Thomas
 Sherborne Castle
 Shergar (foaled 1978)
 Sheridan, Richard Brinsley
  - names 'old lady of Threadneedle Street'
 Sherman, William T.
 Sherman Anti-Trust Act - and Roosevelt in 1902
 Sherriff, R.C. - Journey's End
 Sherrington, Charles Scott
 sherry (fortified wine)
 Sher Shah - and Humayun
 's Hertogenbosch - and Hieronymus Bosch
 Sherwood Forest
 She Stoops to Conquer (Goldsmith)
 Shetlands - and the Vikings
  - in the Scottish kingdom
  - brief account
 Shields, Ella - and Burlington Bertie
 Shi Huangdi - Chinese emperor
  - the terracotta army
  - and Chinese coins
 Shijing - the 'Classic of Poetry'
 Shi'ism - sect within Islam
  - in Iran
  - and Ismail I
 Shikaneder, Emanuel - The Magic Flute
 shilling - origin as a coin
 Shimonoseki - treaty of 1895
 Shining Path - terrorist group in Peru
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