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 Segrave, Henry
 segregation - in south USA from 1870s
 Sehzade mosque - in Istanbul
 sei-i-tai-shogun - Japanese military title
 Sei Shonagon - and her Pillow Book
 Seisser, Hans von - in the Munich putsch
 Sejanus - and the emperor Tiberius
 sejm - Polish parliament
  - Poland and Lithuania
 Sekigahara - battle in 1600
  - as a turning point in history
 Selborne - Gilbert White
 Seleucia - cities founded by Seleucus
 Seleucid empire
  - and Syria
 Seleucus - Hellenistic ruler
  - founder of cities
  - and Doura-Europos
 Self-Denying Ordinance - of 1645
 Selfridges (London)
 Selim I - captures Cairo
  - and the Mamelukes
  - and the last Abbasid caliph
  - mosque in Edirne
 Selinus - Greek temple
 Selkirk, Alexander - and Robinson Crusoe
 Sellar, Patrick - and the clearances
 Sellar, Walter - 1066 and all that
 Sellers, Peter
 semaphore - invented by Claude Chappe
 Seminole Indians - and the Great Removal
 Semitic dynasty - the first
 Semitic empires - Babylon and Assyria
 Semitic languages - spreading from Arabia
 Semitic tribes - from Arabia to Syria
 Semmelweiss, Ignaz - and puerperal fever
  - handwashing in labour wards
 Sempach - battle in 1386
 Sempala, George - slipware
 Senacherib - king of Assyria
 senate - in Roman republic
 Sendero Luminoso - terrorist group in Peru
 Seneca - tutor to Nero
 Seneca - in the Iroquois League
 Senefelder, Alois - and lithography
  - oil agreement with Guinea-Bissau
 Senegambia - confederation of 1982-9
 senet - Egyptian board game
  - related items
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