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 Scottish Ballet
 Scottish baronial (the style)
 Scottish Colourists
 Scottish Enlightenment
 Scottish FA Cup
 Scottish Home Rule Association - in 1886
 Scottish Labour Party - founded in 1888
 Scottish League
 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
 Scottish National Party
 Scottish National Portrait Gallery
 Scottish Opera
 Scottish parliament - in Edinburgh Castle
 Scottish Record Office
 Scottish representation - at Westminster
 Scourge of God - title of Attila
 Scouse (the term)
 Scouts (founded 1908)
 scramble for Africa - origin of phrase
 Screw of Archimedes - for raising water
 screw press - Mediterranean origins
 Screwtape Letters
 Scriblerus Club - and Pope
 Scribonia - first wife of Augustus Caesar
 Scribonius Largus - remedy for toothache
 scrofula - King's evil
  - history of the disease
 scrolls - of papyrus
 Scrolls of the Law - the Torah
 Scrooge - and A Christmas Carol
 Scrovegni Chapel - in Padua
 scrumpy (cider)
  - tour through time
 scurvy - and Captain Cook
 Scutari - British hospital on the Bosphorus
  - and Florence Nightingale
 Scythians - established north of Black Sea
  - and decorative metalwork
 Scythian slaves - and democracy in Athens
 SDLP (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
 SDP - in Britain in 1983 and 1987
  - brief account
 sea beggars - and the capture of Brill
 Seabury, Samuel - in Aberdeen
 Seacole, Mary
 Sea Fever (Masefield)
 seafloor spreading - in plate tectonics
 Sea Lion - code name for invasion of Britain
 Sealyham - terrier
 Seaman's Hospital Society - and floating hospitals
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