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 scalawags or scallywags - in the 1870s
  - tour through time
  - and the Royal Oak in 1939
  - brief description
 Scapegoat (Holman Hunt)
 Scaramouche - in the Comédie Italienne
 Scarborough (North Yorkshire)
 Scarlatti, Alessandro - and the 'Italian overture'
 Scarlatti, Domenico
 Scarlet Pimpernel (Orczy)
 Sceptical Chymist - by Boyle
 Schaffhausen - in the Reformation
 Scheele, Carl Wilhelm - and oxygen
 Scheemakers, Peter - and British sculpture
 Scheer, Reinhard - and the battle of Jutland
 Schiller, Friedrich
  - and Goethe's Faust
 Schism - Orthodox and Catholic
 schizophrenia - treatment with chlorpromazine
 Schleiden, Matthias - and the living cell
 Schleswig - and Danish crown in 1720
 Schleswig-Holstein - and Denmark in 1700
  - crisis of 1848-64
 Schlieffen, Alfred von - the Schlieffen Plan
 Schmalkalden - league of 1531
 Schönbrunn - palace in Vienna
  - treaty of 1809
 Schoeffer, Peter - and Gutenberg
 Scholastica, St - sister of St Benedict
 scholasticism - in medieval universities
  - lectio and disputatio
  - and humanism
 Schongauer - and engraving
 School for Scandal - by Sheridan
 School of Athens - by Raphael
 Schott, Friedrich Otto - develops thermometer glass
 Schott, Kaspar - and Mechanica
 Schutzstaffel - the SS
 Schwarzenberg, Karl von - in Russia in 1812
  - in 1814 advance on Paris
 Schweiz - origin of name
 Schweppes - and Cadbury
 Schwyz - one of the Waldstätte
  - Landsgemeinde in 1294
 science - tour through time
 Science Museum (London)
 Scilly Isles
 Scone - and Scottish royalty
  - coronation of Robert the Bruce
  - and the Old Pretender
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