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 Sarum (for Salisbury)
 SAS (Special Air Service)
 Sasanian dynasty - Ardashir I and Sasan
 sash - form of window
  - early use at Ham House
  - brief description
 Saskatchewan - and Louis Riel in 1884-5
  - province of Canada from 1905
 Saskia - Rembrandt's wife
 Sassenach (the term)
 Sassoon, Siegfried
 Sassou-Nguesso, Denis - in Congo
 satellites, planetary - formation
 Satires - of Horace
 satraps - in Persian empire
 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning - film, 1960
 Saturn - rings
 Saturnalia - and Christmas
 satyagraha - and Gandhi in Natal
 Saul, king of Israel
 Sault Sainte Marie - Jesuit mission
 Saunders, Cicely - hospice movement
  - founds St Christopher's Hospice
 Saunders Island - in the Falklands
 Sautuola, Marcelino - and Altamira
 'savaged by a dead sheep'
 Savannah - captured by British in 1778
  - captured by Sherman in 1864
  - and the John Randolph
 Savery, Thomas
 Save the Children (charity)
 Savill Garden
 Savimbi, Jonas - founder of UNITA
 savings in Britain
 Savonarola, Girolamo - and Florence
 Savoy - relinquishes claim to Geneva
  - annexed by France in 1793
  - ceded to France in 1796
  - ceded to France in 1860
 Savoy Hotel (London)
 Savoy operas
 Savoy Theatre (London)
 Savoy palace - and John II
 Saxe, Maurice - as French commander
 Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, house of
 Saxons - invading Britain
  - and Charlemagne
  - in England
 Saxony - as Frankish duchy
  - and the Wettin
  - and Poland in 1697
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