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 Saltaire (industrial village)
 Salt Lake City - founded in 1847
 Saltram House, Devon
 Salvador - as capital of Brazil
 Salvation Army
 Salviati, Cassandre - and Ronsard
 Salvin, Anthony - and Rockingham Castle
 Salzburg - archbishopric in 797
 Saman Khudat - ancestor of Samanids
 Samanid dynasty - in Persia
  - and patronage of Persian literature
  - mausoleum
 Samarin, Yuri - and the Slavophils
 Samaritans (charity)
 Samarkand - and Arabs in 8th century
  - and Turkish tribes
  - and paper
  - sacked by Genghis Khan
  - and Timur
  - in Russian empire
 Samarra - and T'ang porcelain
 Sam Browne (leather belt)
 Samian ware - related items
 Samit - or Lapps
 Samoa - first settlement
 Sampaio, Jorge - president of Portugal
 Samson - and the Philistines
  - Blinding of Samson, Rembrandt
 Samson Agonistes - by Milton
  - brief account
 Samsonov, A.V. - Russian general
 Samudra Gupta - Indian emperor
 Samuel - anoints Saul
 Samuel French (publishers)
 samurai - the warrior class in Japan
 San - African tribes
  - earliest paintings
  - and Trekboers
 San Antonio - and the Alamo
 Sánchez de Lozada - president of Bolivia
 Sanchi - the Great Stupa
 Sancho III - king of Navarre
  - and Aragon
 Sancho Panza - and Don Quixote
 Sandby, Paul - and watercolour
  - and aquatint
  - brief biography
 Sand Creek - massacre in 1864
 Sandham, Henry - and Stanley Spencer
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