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 Rule, Britannia
 Rule of St Benedict - in monastic life
 Rum - sultanate of
 Rumelia, Eastern - Turkish province
 Rumford, Count - Royal Institution
 Rumi, Jalal-ud-din - and dervishes
 Rump Parliament - 1648-53
  - in 1660
  - and Long Parliament
 Rumpole (fictional barrister)
 Rupert Bear
 Rupert of the Rhine - in the English Civil War
  - and mezzotint
  - brief biography
 rural protection (in Britain)
 Ruritania - Anthony Hope
 Rus - Viking group in Russia
 Rush-Bagot - agreement of 1817
 Ruska, Ernst - develops first electron microscope
 Ruskin, John
  - and Arts and Crafts Movement
  - Grosvenor Gallery
 Russell, Bertrand - on Rwanda in 1963
  - brief biography
  - Reith lectures
 Russell, Lord John - and the Reform Bill
  - in Lord Aberdeen's government
  - brief biography
 Russell-Cotes Art Gallery - Bournemouth
 Russell of the Times - in the Crimea
  - and the light brigade
  - brief biography
  - thin red line
  - tour through time
  - early postal system
  - Estonia and Latvia
 Russia, invaded by Napoleon - article by R. Galley
 Russian-American Company - in Alaska
 Russian calendar - and Peter the Great
 Russian Orthodox metropolitan - Moscow
 Russian Social-Democratic Worker's Party
 Russian script - and Peter the Great
 Russkaya Pravda - Russian code of laws
 Russo-Japanese war of 1904-5
 Russo-Turkish wars - 1768-92
 Rustichello - ghost writer to Marco Polo
 Rutherford, Ernest
  - Cavendish Laboratory
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