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 rounders (the game)
 Roundheads - in English Civil War
  - brief account
 Round Table (King Arthur's)
 Round Tower - Windsor Castle
 round towers (Celtic)
 Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
  - and La Nouvelle Héloïse
 Rout of San Romano - by Uccello
 Rover (car company)
 Rowallane , County Down
 Rowlands, Daniel - Methodism in Wales
 Rowlandson, Thomas
 Rowley, Thomas - and Chatterton
 Rowley Mile - Newmarket
 Rows - Chester
 Roxo, Cape - and the Portuguese
 Royal - steamboat on the Congo
 Royal Academy (London)
 Royal Air Force
 Royal Air Force Museum
 Royal Albert Memorial Museum - Exeter
 Royal and Ancient (golf course)
 Royal Armoured Corps
 Royal Armouries
 Royal Arms (in Britain)
 Royal Artillery (UK regiment)
 Royal Assent (in Britain)
 Royal Automobile Club
 Royal Ballet
 Royal Ballet School - at White Lodge
 Royal Bank of Scotland - and NatWest
 Royal Birkdale (golf course)
 Royal College of Surgeons of England - museum
 Royal Commission (in Britain)
 Royal Court Theatre
 Royal Dockyard - Portsmouth
 Royal Earlswood Hospital - founded at Redhill
 Royal Engineers
 Royal Exchange (London) - and Gresham
  - brief account
 Royal Exchange (Manchester)
 Royal Family (in Britain)
 Royal Film Performance
 Royal Flying Corps - in 1912
  - Edinburgh airport
 Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead
 Royal Geographical Society - source of Nile
  - brief description
 Royal Horticultural Society
 royal house (of United Kingdom)
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