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 Rosetta stone - discovery
  - brief description
 rose window - in Gothic architecture
 Rosinante - and Don Quixote
 Roskilde Fjord - and Viking ships
 Roslin Chapel (Lothian)
 Ross, James Clark
 Ross, Ronald - discovers malaria mosquito
  - Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  - brief biography
 Rossbach - battle in 1757
 Rossetti, Christina
 Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
  - Aesthetic Movement
  - and Chelsea
 Rossi, Pellegrino - chief minister in Rome
 Rosso Fiorentino - and mannerism
  - and Fontainebleau
 Rostov - captured by Germans in 1942
 ROTAS - Christian square
 Rothesay, duke of
 Rothmans (tobacco company)
 Rothschild, banking dynasty
  - and the Suez canal
 Rothschild, Mayer Amschel - dynasty
  - sons in Paris, London, Naples, Vienna
 Rothschild, Meyer de - Mentmore Towers
 Rothschild, Nathan - and Sun Alliance
 Rothschild, Lionel Nathan - as MP
 Rothschild family - in Britain
 rotten boroughs - before the Reform Act
 Rotten Row (Hyde Park)
 Rotterdam fair - and Dutch painting
 Roubiliac, Louis François - in England
  - monuments in Westminster Abbey
  - bust of Shakespeare
 Rouen - and its 14th-century clock
  - and the trial of Joan of Arc
  - taken by Henry V in 1419
  - and faience
 Rouget de Lisle - and the Marseillaise
 Rough Riders - and Theodore Roosevelt
  - brief biography
 rounders (the game)
 Roundheads - in English Civil War
  - brief account
 Round Table (King Arthur's)
 Round Tower - Windsor Castle
 round towers (Celtic)
 Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
  - and La Nouvelle Héloïse
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