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 Richard II, king of England
  - and the Peasants' Revolt
  - and Chaucer
  - brief biography
 Richard II - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Richard III - king of England
  - brief biography
 Richard III - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
  - and Garrick
  - Garrick's fame in the role
 Richard, duke of York - Wars of Roses
 Richards, Frank - and Billy Bunter
 Richards, Gordon
 Richardson, Ralph
 Richardson, Samuel
  - brief biography
 Richmond, Bill - American prize-fighter
 Richmond, George - and the Ancients
 Richmond, Virginia - Confederate capital
  - campaigns in 1862
 Richmond, Yorkshire
 Richmond upon Thames - palace
  - brief account of town
  - and Dickens
  - and George Hilditch
  - the bridge
  - the green
  - the palace
  - the park
 Richthofen, Manfred von - the Red Baron
 'riddle wrapped in a mystery' (Churchill)
 Ride a cockhorse to Banbury cross
 Ridgeway (grass track in Britain)
 riding (a third part)
 Ridley, Nicholas - Protestant martyr
 Ridolfi, Roberto - plot of 1571
 Rie, Lucie
 Riebeeck, Jan van - and Cape Town
 Riel, Louis - and the Red River Rebellion
  - in Saskatchewan in 1884-5
 Rienzo, Cola di - tribune of Rome
  - and Montreal d'Albarno
  - and Gibbon
 Rievaulx Abbey, Yorkshire
 Rif, The - and Abd-el-Krim
 rifling - in barrels of guns
 Riga - becomes episcopal see
  - besieged by Augustus II in 1700
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