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 Rhodes - the observatory of Hipparchus
  - the colossus
  - and piracy in 1st century BC
  - captured by the Knights of St John
  - captured by the Turks in 1523
  - 1523 as a turning point in history
 Rhodes, Cecil
  - and Bechuanaland
  - brief biography
 Rhodesia - named in 1895
  - and Renamo
 Rhodesia and Nyasaland - federation
 Rhodesian Front - founded by Ian Smith
 Rhodri Mawr - Welsh king
 Rhondda Valley
  - the valleys and coal
 Rhondda Heritage Park
 Rhone - and Hannibal's elephants
 Rhuddlan - statute of 1284
 rhyming slang (English)
 Rhys ap Gruffudd - Welsh prince
 Rialto - in Venice
 Ribbentrop, Joachim von - German-Soviet Pact
  - and religious art
 rib vaulting - in Durham cathedral
  - brief account
 Ricardo, David
 Ricci, Matteo - in China
 rice - in Indus valley
 rice pudding (in Britain)
 Rich, John - Beggar's Opera
 Richard I - king of England
  - and the third crusade
  - journey home from Palestine
  - ransom paid to Henry VI
  - brief biography
  - and Rockingham Castle
 Richard II, king of England
  - and the Peasants' Revolt
  - and Chaucer
  - brief biography
 Richard II - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Richard III - king of England
  - brief biography
 Richard III - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
  - and Garrick
  - Garrick's fame in the role
 Richard, duke of York - Wars of Roses
 Richards, Frank - and Billy Bunter
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