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 Regency (in British history)
 Regensburg - and the Reichstag
  - demonstration of a vacuum
  - treaty of 1684
 Regent's Park, London
 Regent Street, London
 Register House - Scottish Record Office
 Rehoboam - king of Judah
 Reich - origin of the German empire
  - and Hitler
 Reichenau - church of St George
 Reichenbach Falls - and Moriarty
 Reichsmark - introduced in 1924
 Reichstadt - meeting of emperors in 1876
 Reichstadt, duke of - dies in 1832
 Reichstädte - imperial cities
 Reichstag - origins
  - fire in 1933
 Reims - and baptism of Clovis
  - and Joan of Arc
  - consecration of Charles VII
  - coronation of Charles X
  - in World War I
 Reims cathedral - sculptures in west porch
 reincarnation - and Dalai Lama
 Reith, John (Lord)
 Reivers - Tullie House Museum
 Relate (marriage guidance)
 relics - in medieval Europe
  - tour through time
 religious minorities (in Britain)
 religious orders - tour through time
 Reliques of Ancient Poetry - by Percy
  - selected etchings
  - selected paintings to 1642
  - selected paintings after 1642
 Rembrandt effect - of Julia Margaret Cameron
 Remembrance Sunday - and Armistice
 remittance man (the term)
  - tour through time
  - in Britain
 Renamo - in Mozambique
  - and Bolognese school
 Renishaw Hall - Sitwell family
 Rennie, John
  - London Bridge
 renovatio senatus - secular movement
 Report on British North America - in 1839
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