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 Red Army - and Trotsky
 Red Arrows (aerobatic team)
 Red Barn (melodrama)
 Red Baron - Manfred von Richthofen
 Red Book of Hergest - and Mabinogion
  - brief account
 red books - of Humphry Repton
 redbrick (of universities)
 Red Clydeside - from 1915
 redcoats - British soldiers in America
  - brief account
 Red Crescent - and the Red Cross
 Red Cross - and Solferino
 Red Cross - trains nurses
 Red Devils (freefall display)
 red-figure and black-figure - in Greek vases
 red flag - emblem of socialism from 1848
 Red Flag (song)
 Red Flag Act (1865)
 Red Fort - in Delhi
  - in Agra
 Redgrave, Michael
 Red Hand of Ulster
 Red Riding Hood
 Red House - built for William Morris
 Redmond, John - and Home Rule
  - and World War I
 Redoutable - at Trafalgar
 Red River Rebellion - in 1869
 Red River Settlement - from 1811
 Red Rum (foaled 1965)
 Red Sea - parting of, in Exodus
 redshirts - and Garibaldi in 1860
 Red Shoes - film, 1948
 red tape (the term)
 reducciones - Jesuit mission stations
 Reduction - and crown land in Sweden
 Reed, Carol
 Reed, Walter - discovers yellow fever mosquito
 Reed International (company)
 reels (folk dances)
 Reeves, Carole - Birth
  - Death
  - Drugs, chemists and the pharmaceutical industry
  - Hospitals, clinics and asylums
  - Plagues, pestilence and public health
  - Surgery
  - Technology, Medicine and
 referenda - in Scotland and Wales, 1979
  - in Scotland and Wales, 1997
  - in Ireland, 1998
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