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 Rahotep - Egyptian prince
 Raikes, Robert - Sunday schools
 Railton, Ruth - National Youth Orchestra
 Railton, William - Nelson's Column
 Railway Children - and Haworth
 railways (Britain)
 rainfall (in Britain)
 Rainhill trials (1829)
 Rainilaiarivony - in Madagascar
 Rain, Steam and Speed (Turner)
 Raj (British rule in India)
 Rajputs - and Muslim invaders of India
  - at Khanua in 1527
 Rake's Progress - by Hogarth
  - brief description
 raku - and the Tea Ceremony
 Raleigh - captured by Sherman in 1865
 Raleigh, Carew - at Sherborne Castle
 Raleigh, Walter - and Elizabeth I
  - and the Roanoke settlement
  - and plantation of Ireland
  - and the potato
  - and Spenser
  - brief biography
  - and Sherborne Castle
 Rama - avatar of Shiva
 Ramanantsoa, Gabriel - Malagasy republic
 Ramayana - Indian epic poem (Manas)
 Rambert, Marie
 Rambert Dance Company
 Ramblers' Association (in Britain)
 Ramdas - fourth sikh guru
 Ramillies - battle in 1706
 Ram-Lila - Indian pageant
 Ramsay, Allan
  - brief biography
 Ramsay, Katharine - first Scottish woman MP
 Ramsay, John - and curling
 Ramsay, William
 Ramses I - Egyptian pharaoh
 Ramses II
  - and Abu Simbel
  - and the Sudan
  - and the Hittites
 Ramses III - Egyptian pharaoh
 Ramses IV - XI - Egyptian pharaohs
 Ramsey, Alf
 Ramsey, Michael
 Ranavalona I - Merina queen
 Ranavalona II - Merina queen
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