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 Queen Anne (the style)
 Queen Charlotte's Hospital - and first sulpha drugs
 Queen Elizabeth - launched in 1938
  - brief account
 Queen Mary - launched in 1934
  - brief account
 Queen Mary's Dolls' House (Windsor)
 Queen Mother (Queen Elizabeth)
 Queen of Hearts (nursery rhyme)
 Queen of Sheba - and Solomon
 Queen's Beasts (1953)
 Queensberry rules - in boxing
  - brief account
 Queen's Birthday (in Britain)
 Queen's Club (London)
 Queen's evidence (in British law)
 Queen's House - by Inigo Jones
  - brief account
 Queensland - and gold from 1858
  - independent colony from 1859
 Queen's Maries (Mary Queen of Scots)
 Queen's Park (footlball club)
 Queen's Speech - in parliament
 Queenstown - arms from Germany in 1916
 Queen's Ware - Wedgwood
 Quekett, John Thomas - writes microscope textbook
 Quere^taro - siege in 1867
 Quéribus - Cathar stronghold
 Questors (amateur theatre)
 Quetzalcoatl - at Teotihuacan
  - as the fair-skinned stranger
 queue - the pigtail of the Manchus
 Quiberon Bay - battle in 1759
  - and émigré French in 1795
 quinine - treatment for malaria
  - use in 1854 by Baikie
 quinquereme - warship
 quipu - use at Wari
  - in the Andean civilizations
 Quito - uprising in 1809
  - in 1822
 Quorn (hunt)
 Qur'an - and Muhammad
  - and Arabic script
  - and slavery
 quriltai - to select a Monghol khan
 Qutuz - Mameluke sultan
 R-101 (airship)
 R-38 (airship)
 Rabah Zubayr - kingdom at Baguirmi
 rabbis - origin
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